Carpet Cleaning

Carpet Cleaning Services

Be it the grocery store, a new restaurant, or your favorite small business, customers deserve professionalism wherever they go. They are especially entitled to it when anyone comes to their home to perform a service, and we here at Clean Theory DMV do everything we can to respect that. Being a professional company is of the greatest importance, and we carry that from top to bottom.


Our Carpet Cleaning sets a fresh atmosphere throughout the space. It starts, of course, with our cleaners. As professionals, they’re required to keep their vehicle and equipment tidy. Our professional cleaners must be courteous and will do what they can to respect your needs and wishes throughout the appointment. We know our state-of-the-art equipment is only as effective as the technician who’s using it. That’s why we train our technicians thoroughly in the methods and with the tools needed to get the deep-clean results we’re known for.

Our commitment to professionalism during your Carpet Cleaning isn’t limited to the appointment, but instead extends throughout all levels of the company. At the Home Office, our Scheduling Center is filled with friendly representatives, trained to answer any questions, make helpful suggestions, and get you the best appointment time. Don’t hesitate to contact us today! After all, you don’t deserve anything less than to have your carpet professionally cleaned by the very best.


Our cleaning methods offer the deepest level of clean possible for the floors throughout your home, but we’re also committed to using a process that is safer for your home and your family. We strive to clean using gentle, neutral cleaning agents that are tough on dirt but harmless to the environment as well as to the people and pets that spend time in your home.